Following the Dispatches Documentary Under Lock and Key, the My Life My Choice Champion’s group have been running a campaign about people with learning disability in long stay hospitals. This is what they have been up to…

We are members of the My Life My Choice Champions Group.

We are disgusted at the continued news reports of people with learning disabilities being bullied, neglected and trapped in long stay hospitals.

We think people with learning disabilities and autism should have the right support to live in the community – not be locked away!

We all live in the community and have a good life. We want everyone to have this kind of life.

We wrote a petition because we care about this issue. We spoke to My Life My Choice members, people we worked with, our friends, family, people near where we live.

We asked people to sign if they agreed with us.

Almost 300 people signed their name!

A lot of people care about this. So why are people still locked away in hospitals?

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