We started off this week’s session with a game, which Joel said was called patter-cake or Danish hand clapping. We had to each stand opposite a partner, and clap our hands onto our thighs before either putting our arms in the air or to the left or to the right. If we made the same motion as our partner, we then clapped our hands together in the middle. We struggled with this game because we kept wanting to copy our partners.

“It’s because we went to Special Needs schools,” said Shaun. “We’re used to having to copy things.”

“Isn’t it time we broke out of this?” said Joel.


Paul and Shaun fed back from their trip to Parliament last week.

Joel asked them how it made them feel.

“Deflated,” said Shaun. “It made me wonder – ‘What’s the point?’”

Sue told the group how she had been on The Big Question.

She said “I didn’t have a chance to say what I wanted to say.”

We decided that we wanted to leave PPE feeling the opposite to how we felt after these experiences.

We took it in turns to write how we wanted to feel on the board.


We talked about our ideas for the group.


And we started to make the ground rules for the group. We decided we didn’t really want rules – rules are for institutions. Instead, these are our agreements for PPE. We decided them together and can agree to change and adapt them as we go along.


Our agreements are:

  1. Mobile phones on silent.
  2. Speak one at a time.
  3. Rotating Co-facilitator.
  4. Put your hand up if you would like to speak.
  5. Try and keep food to allocated breaks.
  6. Respect people’s wishes for confidentiality.
  7. Do not judge each other.
  8. Keep an open mind.
  9. Debate is ok!
  10. Respect one another.

Find out more about PPE here. Let us know if you would like to come to the group!

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