Yesterday a group of MLMC Champions met with Kate Terroni, the new(ish) Director for Adult Services at Oxfordshire County Council.

We told Kate about what we do, and then she told us a bit about herself.

We found out that Kate is a social worker who used to work with people who have learning disabilities. Two months ago she took over from John Jackson as Director for Adult Services.

She sits on the Transforming Care Board.

She thinks it is important for her to work with people (like us!) who know more than her about the services they use. She wants to ask people, “Are we doing a good job?”

We asked her what she was going to do to protect people with learning disabilities from the cuts.

She told us that the Council have a legal requirement to meet people’s eligible needs, so the people who need support will not have their support cut.

She explained that the Council now has less money to spend on preventative stuff in the community. But essential care will not be cut.

She told us that despite the cuts, 8/10 people are happy with the care they are getting.

We also asked her about the cuts to day centres for people with learning disabilities.

She told us that although they were closing some day centres, everyone who goes to one now will still be able to go to one. It just might be in a different place.

She offered to come back and talk to us more in a few months time, so that we can stay up to date with what the Council are doing and pass on our views.

Please let us know if there is anything you’d like us to ask her.

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