Quality Checkers is a new project where Oxfordshire County Council (OCC), My Life My Choice (MLMC) and Oxfordshire Family Support Network (OXFSN) are working together to improve quality, lives and services for people with learning disabilities and their families in Oxfordshire.

The Quality Checkers are a team of Experts by Experience who will check how good the lives of people who use services in Oxfordshire are.

Quality Checkers will do this by…

  • visiting people in their own homes and day services, and by;
  • spending time with people who use services and finding out what it is like for them.

Quality Checkers is…

  • Expert by Experience led
  • Independent
  • Based on the Reach Standards for Supported Living
  • Focused on what a good life would look like
  • For all Oxfordshire based services
  • A partnership project between MLMC, OXFSN and OCC
  • A way to celebrate all the great work that is going on
  • A chance to highlight and improve the issues
  • Looking to share good practice

Quality Checkers is not…

  • CQC
  • About statistics
  • Looking to name and shame services

What will they look for?

The job of the Quality Checkers is to see if you can answer yes to 11 statements that will help them to decide how good your support is.

The 11 statements are:

  1. I can choose who I live with
  2. I can choose where I live
  3. I can have my own home
  4. I can choose how I am supported
  5. I can choose who supports me
  6. I can get good support
  7. I can choose my friends and relationships
  8. I can choose how to be healthy and safe
  9. I can choose how I take part in my community
  10. I can have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
  11. I can get help to make changes in my life.