Yesterday, Kate and Shaun went to the Chipping Norton self-advocacy group to talk with them about campaigning.

We talked about how we campaign when we went something to change. There are lots of different ways that we can speak up about what we want to change, and try and get the people who are in charge of making that decision to listen to us. We can go on demonstrations, we can talk to the media, we can write letters or visit our MP – and much more!

Shaun talked to the group about some of the campaigns he has been involved in, including the We Will All Benefit campaign, and Justice for LB.

The group then told us about the campaigning that they would like to do. They have noticed that a lot of people park their cars on the pavement in Chipping Norton, and this is a problem for disabled people because they have to use the road to get past. We talked a bit about collecting evidence to back up their campaign, because it is important to be able to tell people stories about why this issue matters to them.

It sounds like the Chipping Norton group are going to run a great campaign about an issue that matters to them, and we look forward to watching it develop.


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