Richard is 26 years old and enjoys a very busy social and active life. But before he took part in Travel Buddy, he relied on his Mum and Dad to take him to the places he needed or liked to go to.

Richard found out about the Travel Buddy Scheme when some of the My Life My Choice Travel Buddy Trainers visited his job club run by Mencap and gave a presentation about it.

When we met him Richard made it clear that he would like to get to places without relying on his parents. He explained, “I’d like to be able to get to places on my own and I’d like to have a job so I am more independent.”

His parents said, “We are not going to be around forever and it would be good for Richard to learn now to be more independent.”

Richard began learning the journey on the bus once a week to get to the job club with his Travel Buddy Trainer, Shaun. They have developed a good friendship and after practicing the journey once a week, Richards’s confidence began to grow. After a couple of months Richard was able to do the journey on his own.

Since then, his Dad has sent us an email to say that Richard had started a work skills placement at a local business that supplies fruit and vegetables. He also said that he was travelling independently to a volunteer job in a charity shop once a week.

Well done Richard!

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