Dawn Wiltshire tells us what it was like to be a Travel Buddy to another person who has a learning disability.


I became a Travel Buddy to help people get independent. I think it’s important for people to be independent.

I buddied a woman in Carterton for 3 journeys. The first was a walk to the Ice Centre Youth Club. I walked her from her house to the centre and back again. I think she was a bit nervous because she didn’t talk very much. We did that 3 times and then she could do it herself.

Then we went by bus from Carterton to Witney, where she works. I did that twice and then she went on her own and I met her in Witney.  You should have seen her face when she got off the bus—it just lit up! She was so happy.

Then I walked her from her house to Morrison’s. She already knew the way—she was showing me!

She does everything by herself now.

I’m really happy that I’ve achieved something by helping her. She is now a much more confident traveler.


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