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Get Travel Training

Travel Buddy is available to My Life My Choice Members who live in Oxfordshire.

Please use the form below to refer someone for travel training.

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For more information, please contact Rachael on 01865 204214 or email

Travel Buddy Scheme

The Travel Buddy scheme allows our members who are confident to travel on their own, whether that is on public transport or on foot, to help others gain those skills.

Quite often there are only one or two regular journeys members want to make on their own. We focus on these journeys until the coordinator is confident that the training has been successful, and the trainee can now travel on their own safely.

Helping confidence and independence

We have found that Travel Buddy training not only helps the confidence and independence of our members but also provides some respite for their families or carers who no longer have to drive or accompany them every time.

Our Travel Buddy coordinator monitors every step of the scheme from pairing the trainee with the trainer, establishing the journey to practice and assessing a final journey to confirm the training has been successful.

If you are interested in arranging Travel Buddy Training for someone you know for care for then please make sure they are members of MLMC and then complete the form on the bottom of this page to get started.

If you are interested in the Travel Buddy Trainer position on behalf of an adult with learning disabilities you know or care for then please make sure they are members of MLMC. Please ensure they have read or watched the full job description on the Travel Buddy Trainer page, and understand what is involved. There is a form you can complete on that page or you can email Rachael, our Travel Buddy Coordinator, at or call on 01865 204214.

The Travel Buddy Franchise Scheme is available for other organisations who wish to offer Travel Buddy in other areas of the country. We have the training and resources to help you get started so please get in touch with us via Rachael if you’re interested.

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