Don’t Lock Us Away

We are disgusted at the continued news reports of people with learning disabilities being bullied, neglected and trapped in long stay hospitals.

The BBC reported in 2021 that 2,000 people with a learning disability were in Assessment and Treatment Units, with 100 individuals having been there for over 20 years.

We think people with learning disabilities and autism should have the right support to live in the community – not be locked away in hospitals that are only meant for short-term care!

Most people with a learning disability live in the community and have a good life. We want everyone to have this kind of life. This is why we started the Don’t Lock Us Away campaign.

We believe the solution is to close secure hospitals and build the appropriate support for people with learning disabilities.

MLMC has worked with the British Institute of Human Rights to create a guide that will support people to get home from hospital.

Download your free copy here:

How can you support the Don’t Lock Us Away campaign?

  1. Find out about how many people are stuck in hospital where you live and share this information with us.

2. Lobby your local mental health services to get people from your area out of hospital.

3. Ask your local MP to get the Minister for Health and Social Care to take action now.

4. Join our national network group of advocacy groups that want to get people home.

5. Show your support for this campaign by signing up here for occasional updates.

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