Our Patron and President

Sara Ryan, Patron

In 2018, the trustees asked Dr Sara Ryan to be MLMC’s first ever charity patron.  Sara is a long time supporter of MLMC and is well known nationally in the learning disability sector. Her role is to help expand the reach of our campaign work, spread our networks, and help the trustees to represent the charity at the highest level.

Michael Edwards, President

Michael founded MLMC in 1998, and for the past 25 years has been a champion of the rights of people with a learning disability and an active trustee of the organisation.

In April 2017 the charity’s membership voted for Michael to be made the lifetime President of MLMC.

Our Trustees

We are unique in the UK in that all our trustees have learning disabilities. The trustees meet every quarter and are responsible for making all of the big decisions about My Life My Choice.

Ben McCay, Co-Chair of the Trustees

Ben is Co-Chair of the Jobs and Money team and has been for several years. Ben is involved in many of our different projects, such as Gig Buddies, Champions, Travel Buddy. He is also a spokesperson for Learning Disability England and a Governor for Oxford Health.

Ady Chappell, Co-Chair of the Trustees

This is Ady’s third year being a trustee and second as Co-Chair, and he has lots of experience at My Life My Choice. He is a regular Travel Buddy, works on the Stingray management team and is a regular attendee of the Oxford group and Champions group.

Mike Bebbington, Vice-Chair of the Trustees

This is Mike’s second year being a trustee. He is an experienced travel buddy and regularly supports the security team at Stingray nightclub. He would like to see the charity grow further and support us to see another 25 years!

Keith Filleul, Vice-Chair of the Trustees

Keith is a long-time member of My Life My Choice and has been a trustee multiple times. He is a Travel Buddy trainer and is very confident travelling on trains and buses. He is an active member of the Champions group and has a Gig Buddy who he loves going out with.

Charlene Mileham, Trustee

Charlene has experience of being a Trustee during her time with MLMC. She is a qualified Travel Buddy and reguarly attends Stingray and Gig Buddy social events.

Anup Upadhyaya, Trustee

Anup has been a member of MLMC for over 15 years and has been a trustee many times. She works on the Quality Checker project, regularly attends Gig buddy activities and is supporting with the set up of a new self-advocacy group in Didcot.

Andy Law, Trustee

Andy has been a member of My Life My Choice for many years. He is an experienced Travel Buddy Trainer and loves to help people in his community. As a trustee, Andy would like to support members with any discrimination they face.

Joan Mansfield, Trustee

Joan is an experienced trustee and has been a member for MLMC for many years. She reguarly attends Oxfordshire group and Gig buddy social events.

Ant Bebbington, Trustee

Ant has been a member of My Life My Choice for a year but has been involved with many activities. He is an active member of the Champions group and is passionate about the campaigns Don’t Lock Us Away and We Can’t Wait. He also regularly attends the Banbury and Oxfordshire group.

Liam Payne, Trustee

Liam has been a member of MLMC for many years and has been a trustee before. Liam is particularly interested in the impact of the cost of living on people with a learning disability and would like to support members with this. 

Lucy Bowerman, Trustee

This is Lucy’s first time being a trustee. She regularly attends Banbury and Young People’s group, and loves to come along to Gig Buddy events. Lucy decided to become a trustee to be a voice for young people with a learning disability.

Tom Eyre, Trustee

Tom has been a member of MLMC for a long time and this is his first time being a Trustee. He regularly attends social events and meets up with his Gig Buddy. As a trustee, Tom would like to see more people of different backgrounds engage with MLMC.

Jo Hawkins, Trustee

This is Jo’s first year being a trustee, but she has engaged with MLMC over the past year through Banbury group and Stingray nightclub. Jo would like to support members to grow and become more confident.

Katie Lloyd, Trustee

Katie has been a member of MLMC for a while but this is her first year being a trustee. She regularly attends Young People’s group and Gig Buddy events. As a trustee, Katie would like to support other members to learn Makaton.

Trustee Helpers

The trustee helpers provide advice and support to the trustees and help them to make the big decisions. Trustees may ask the trustee helper for additional advice and assistance. On occasions, a trustee helper may also be asked to provide guidance to the Charity Coordinator.

Ann Nursey

Ann has been a social worker and commissioner, working with adults who have learning disabilities for many years. She has worked with MLMC in lots of different ways, and was delighted to become a trustee helper in 2014.

Jan Walmsley

Jan says: “I am proud to be a Trustee helper at My Life My Choice. I have supported self-advocacy in England almost since it began, in the 1980s. I believe that self-advocacy is more important than ever in a world where people with learning disabilities are too often left to manage with very little support or companionship.”

Jacqui Gilbert

Jacqui is a Social Worker who has worked with adults with a learning disability for most of her working life. She believes self-advocacy is very important to make sure people’s voices are heard as many places as possible. She is delighted to be a trustee helper.