Travel Buddy

What is Travel Buddy?

The Travel Buddy Scheme is My Life My Choice’s peer-to-peer travel training programme.

Travel Buddy Trainers are employed to support their peers with learning disabilities to build up their skills and confidence so that they can travel independently on public transport or by foot.

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How it works:

travel buddy meeting

Initial meeting

The Travel Buddy Coordinator meets up with the Travel Buddy Trainee to discuss the training and how it can best work for them!

travel buddies on the bus

Observed journey

The Travel Buddy Trainee is buddied up with a Travel Buddy Trainer. The Travel Buddy Coordinator joins them for their first journey together.

travel buddies at bus stop

Training sessions

The Travel Buddy Trainer and Trainee meet regularly to practice a journey together until the Travel Buddy Trainee feels that they can travel confidently on their own!

travel buddy on the bus


The Travel Buddy Trainer, Trainee and Coordinator travel together for a final assessment journey.

Travel Buddy is travel training scheme for adults who have a learning disability.

Trained Travel Buddies support people to build the skills and confidence needed to travel independently using public transport like buses and trains, or on foot.

This project supports people with learning disabilities who live within Oxfordshire.

Who are Travel Buddy Trainers?

A Travel Buddy trainer is an adult with a learning disability employed by My Life My Choice.

They are confident travelling on their own and can share their experiences and support their buddy to travel through weekly travel training sessions.

Thank you to the Motability Foundation for funding this project.

How can I get involved?

If you would like travel training or are interested in becoming a Travel Buddy Trainer, please click below:

For more information, please contact Rachael on 01865 204214 or email

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