Computer Buddy

The Computer Buddy project is for adults with a learning disability.

The aim of the project is to support our members to develop their digital skills and get access to devices.

My Life My Choice is proud to share that the Computer Buddy project won the Charity Award in the Disability catergory in 2023.

What is involved?

We can give our members a free laptop or iPad if they do not have one already.

We provide free support and training.

Training sessions can be one to one.

We can meet at the member’s home or in our office.

The project has helped our members to connect with family and friends online.

This project has also helped our members to contact professionals online, like dentists and GPs.

Charlene has learnt how to use Facebook. She is now able to chat online to her family.

Anup has learnt how to use Zoom. Anup really likes that the support sessions have been one to one and at her home.

For free Easy Read guides and video tutorials, click here:

This project is currently on hold, but you can sign up for our waiting list. We hope to be back up and running in the summer.

To be placed on our waiting list, please complete the below form:

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